SuperSight is a creative media company.  We make narrative films, commercials, and documentaries.  Our commercial clients have included BMW, Mercedes, and VICE. 

SuperSight recently entered the world of print and eBook publishing, with the establishment in August 2020 of our children's imprint, VeryTale Books.  In the fall of 2021 we'll be debuting a genre fiction imprint and a non-fiction imprint, with audio content to follow.  Lots of great things ahead for SuperSight!

To inquire about a film / commercial projects, script submissions, or book manuscript submissions contact us here.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services division specializes in recruiting and project support for AI technology development projects, especially if the data collection involves the use of actors or has very specialized linguistic requirements.  To inquire about these services, please go to

2018 - 2020 Show Reel (includes narrative, documentary, and commercial projects)