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Common Mistakes to Avoid

iPhone English Audio Project 

We'd like to help you be successful on this project by providing a fews "do's and don'ts" for a few of the prompts on this project.


Recordings #21 - 23 and #103-104

  • Topic:  Apps (open / close / delete an app from the provided list

  • Common mistakes:  Accidentally saying the wrong action word, such as "close my weather app," instead of using the word "open."

  • Do: Double check recordings #21-23 and #103-104 before submitting to make sure your recordings line up with the required prompts.

Recordings #41 - 45

  • Topic:  Local Search (nearby places, "common" vs. "rare")

  • Common mistakes:  1) Not specifying the search is for a store or restaurant.   2)  Using "common" items in prompts looking for "rare" items, and vice versa.

  • Do: Make sure you say in your recording if you are looking for a store or restaurant.  Also, pay attention to "common" vs. "rare items."  For example, "Find a store selling Vitamin C" would be considered common, while "Find a store where I can buy an Aerokat spacer for my cat" would be considered rare.

Recordings #55 - 56

  • Topic:  Messages (create a text message that is short (1-10 words) or long (more than 10 words)

  • Common mistakes:  1) Not meeting the word limit for the prompt and having more than 10 words for short messages or less than 10 words for long messages.   2)  Not stating the intent to create a message.  3) Forgetting to say who the message is for and/or not choosing a person from the list of contacts provided

  • Do: Example of a short message: "Write a message for Zoe long saying: Thanks for the gift" (4-words).   Example of a long message: "Write a message for Zoe Long saying: I can't believe you remembered that I love Lady Gaga thanks so much for the tickets" (16 words)

Recordings #18 - 19; 114

  • Topic:  App (search for an app)

  • Common mistakes:  Using the wrong action word and asking to "open" instead of "find" an app

  • Do: Double check you are using an action word to find an app, such as "find," "search," "look for," etc.

For multi-step recordings such as #68, 69, and  70

  • Topic:  Multi-Step Recordings

  • Common mistakes:  Not using the same details for all of the multi-step recordings, and instead coming up with new information.   Example of what NOT to do: 

    • #68:  "Create a note saying 'quote from Plato necessity is the mother of invention"

    • #69:  "Edit my last note and change bananas to apples"

    • #70:  "Delete my last note about furniture"

  • Do:  Multi-step recordings must have the same topic for each question.   For example:

    • #68:  "Create a note saying 'quote from Plato necessity is the mother of invention"

    • #69:  "Edit my last note and change father to mother"

    • #70:  "Delete my last note about Plato"


- SuperSight Media Staff

San Diego, CA 

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