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Detailed Instructions

Age Progression Project

Preparing your photos

All photos must be of the same person (the "Subject.")


Here are the photos you'll need of your Subject:

Age 0 - 2 years:  At least 10 photos

Age 2 - 4 years:  At least 8 photos

Age 4 - 10 years:  At least 12 photos**

At least 25 photos must pass the Quality Assurance review, so we require you to upload at least 30.  It is best if you submit up to 40 photos, to allow for any rejections.

A few of your additional 10 photos can even be more recent photos, where the Subject was between 10 and 18.

**Note:  If you're a parent submitting for a child under 10, you still need at least 12 photos of them at 4 years or older.


Tips for success


Finally, here are some pointers to make sure your photos pass Quality Assurance so you can get paid faster!

  • The head should occupy at least 30% of the full image.  (Think of all your photos as "Close-Ups.")

  • Face should be clearly visible in all photos No Halloween masks, please

  • No low resolution or blurry photos (best if photos are at least 100kb after cropping the face, and we find that around 500kb or above is even better.

  • No timestamps, watermarks, filters, banners, or badges

  • If there are people in the photo besides your subject, remember the 30% face-size rule.  So pictures of more than three total people probably won't work.  And you need to have the permission of anyone else in the photo before you submit.

  • Finally, photos of photos are acceptable!  So it's totally okay to pull those photos out of the box or photo album and take a picture of them.  Better to do it in a well-lit room and NOT use your phone's flashbulb.  Glare or shiny spots on the picture will cause it to be rejected.  (So you should remove the photos from any picture frames or albums before you photograph them, unless you can ensure there's no glare on the glass or plastic covering your photo.

  • It is also ok to take photos of photos from your computer screen... that make it very easy to get close-up cropped photos.  Just make sure it's a quality photo and the Subject's face is very clear.

  • You can also take photos of photos from directly within the app.

Please refer again to the principles outlined in our instruction video:





For troubleshooting with the app, please click here.


- SuperSight Media Staff

San Diego, CA 

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