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U.S. English - iPhone - Audio Project

(Asian American Participants)

Project Purpose:  To improve technology for voice-activated applications on Apple’s iPhone / iOS devices for U.S. English.

We are collecting recorded audio of people from all different regional dialects and ethnicities within the U.S.


This portion of the project is for audio from Asian American participants in four different regions of the U.S. (Midwest, South, East, and West) 

Pay for completion:  $40 per participant 

Time necessary for completion:  Between 30 – 60 minutes, including app download. 

Data Use:  Submissions are anonymous and for technological research only. Our client will not receive any of your personally identifiable information.


  • Must be of the following race/ethnicity: Asian American (for the purposes of this study, "Asian American" includes such backgrounds as East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, the Pacific Islands, etc.)

  • Must be an adult (18+)

  • Must be a native speaker of U.S. English

  • Must be born in the U.S. or lived in U.S. for at least 15 years 

  • Must be currently located in the U.S.  (data from outside the U.S. will be rejected)

  • Must own or have access to an iPhone for the project


How does the project work?  

  • Download our client’s app from the Apple Store

  • Find a quiet place with minimal background noise

  • Log in to the app using the PIN we provide you

  • Follow the series of prompts the app gives you and use the app to record your responses.  For example:


App: “Ask for directions to a popular location.”

You might respond: “Hey, Siri, take me to Disney World.”

  • Once you’ve finished the questions, click Submit in the app

  • Our client checks your data for completeness and audio quality

  • We pay you electronically or by mailed check

Client Company:  Appen (www.appen.com)


If you would like to participate, please complete the form below.  Once accepted, we will send you an email and text message with instructions for getting the project started.  

Application Form

Where did you hear about this study?


Before continuing, you must read and accept the Informed Consent and Release form.

Please read it here.

By signing below and sending my information to SuperSight Media, I affirm that I have read the Informed Consent and Release form and that I understand all of its terms.  I also understand I can request a copy of the Informed Consent and Release form by sending an email to projects@supersightmedia.com.