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Selfie Video Instructions

Age Progression Project

The first thing you will be asked to do when using the app is to film a 30-second selfie video.  

(You also will have the option to upload a video from your camera.)

Do not wear a hat or glasses.  Ensure your face is visible and not obstructed.

Perform the actions slowly and smoothly, but the whole video should be 30 seconds or less.

If you are the Subject of the photos, you will film yourself.  If your child is the Subject, you will film him/her.

When you start recording the video please wait 1-2 seconds before starting your movements, so that the video does not get cut off at the beginning.

Then, perform all the actions below:


  1. Do a cross with your head- make sure to be slow and deliberate

  2. Turn your head to the right, then return to center. 

  3. Turn your head to the left, then return to center

  4. Look all the way down, then return to center. 

  5. Look all the way up, then return to center

  6. Do a full circle with your head

  7. say “Hello!”

  8. Smile

  9. wave to the camera slowly (passing your hand in front of your face, palm to the camera as if saying hello to a friend)


Here are two example videos for you to look at… they show exactly how to do it.  


Just remember:


Cross – Circle – Hello – Smile – Wave




- SuperSight Media Staff

San Diego, CA 

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