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Age Progression Project

Some people have trouble with the Appen Mobile Recorder App.

Most issues are resolved by:

- Connecting to a good Wi-Fi signal

- Smoothly and deliberately uploading your photos and giving the app time to move to the next prompt and set itself before you begin your next upload.

Here are some other known issues:

1) After entering the age of your Subject, you need to tap the "X" at the top of the screen in order to return to the photo

2) You accidentally uploaded the same photo twice or you uploaded something you didn't want to upload.

Unfortunately the app doesn't have a way to backspace or select a particular photo and deleted.  Your options are either:  


A) Click on the 3-bar menu at the top left of your screen, abandon the session, and start over from the beginning.



B) Just continue your session.  (This is another reason you are able to upload up to 40 photos.  It give you the possibility of 15 photos that are duplicates or flawed in some way.)

3) The app seems "buggy" or keeps shutting down

As with other problems you may have had with other apps, the following solutions sometimes work:


- Shut app down and restart

- Shut off phone and restart

- Re-install app

- Ensure your phone has the latest software install (iOS or Android)

4) Final Solution  


If none of the above are working for you, our company has devised a way to accept photos from Participants and upload from our office.

This has the added benefit of allowing us to "pre-check" your photos before they're sent to the client, so we can often save a lot of time by ensuring your photos have the best chance of being accepted by the client.

We use a private Google Drive folder for this process and then we will upload your photos and selfie video for you.

If you would like to try this process, please email us at and tell us you have app trouble, and we'll contact you with alternate instructions.


- SuperSight Media Staff

San Diego, CA 

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