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Uploading Instructions

Age Progression Project

Uploading your photos

You will upload your videos in order of age, starting with the photos of your Subject aged 0-2.

1) Tap the camera icon

2) Select either "Take Photo" or "Upload Photo"

You can use the in-app camera function to take a "photo of a photo." If you do this, make sure the photo is clear, the Subject's head takes up at least 1/3 of the photo, and that there are no shiny spots or glare on the photo or computer screen.

Or you can upload a photo directly from your phone.

3) Click on the little notes icon in the lower left-hand corner of the phone.  


You will use the drop-down menu to select the age of your Subject in the menu.  If you aren't 100% positive of the age, please use your best estimate.

After selecting the age, hit the X in the top left corner to exit the menu.

The app when then move you to the next photograph.

Take your time with this process!  It's best to do things methodically and smoothly.  


If you accidentally upload the wrong photo, just hit the camera icon again to switch to a different photo.  

4) After you have added the first 25 photos, the app will then prompt you to upload photos of the Subject from age 10 - 18

However, you should first upload at least 5 more photos of your Subject between the ages of 0 and 10.


You will be asked to enter the Subject's age manually.  

Anything older than 10 is considered "nice to have," but if you don't have at least 25 photos accepted of your Subject aged 0 - 10, your submission will be rejected during Quality Assurance.

5) If you have no more photos to upload, the app will allow you to hit "Skip." 


You may receive a warning that "your recording won't be accepted." Ignore this and hit "Skip" or "Submit."

During the skipping process, you may be asked to still enter how old the subject is in the photo, even though you have not uploaded a photo.  Just enter any age and hit "Submit."

If you are told you've reached the maximum number of skips, but you're out of photos, you can use the camera function within the app to simply take a picture of something in your room or a covered camera lens and hit "Submit."

The app may take a few minutes to upload the files.  When everything is uploaded, you will get a confirmation / success message.

Sometimes, the app will seem like it is taking forever to upload and you don't get a confirmation screen.  We recommend leaving the app open in the background of your phone for as long as you can.  We've found that most participant's photos get uploaded to the client, even though sometimes they don't get a confirmation screen.

For additional troubleshooting issues with the app, please click here.

For instructions on preparing your photos and tips for success, please click here.


And don't forget to watch our 4-minute instruction video, if you haven't done that yet! 


- SuperSight Media Staff

San Diego, CA 

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