Consent and Release Form - Dual Conversations Project

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Study Title: Dual Conversations 


Study Lead: Appen Butler Hill

Parter Company:  SuperSight Media, Inc.


Study Team Contact Email:


You are receiving this Study Informed Consent Form (“Consent”) because you have been asked to participate in a voluntary study undertaken by Appen Butler Hill (“Study Organizer”). Your decision to participate in this Study is completely voluntary and you may decline to participate or stop/withdraw your participation at any time. If you do not take part in the Study you will not lose any benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. You do not have to sign this Consent, but to participate in this Study, you must sign this consent. Please read this Consent carefully before signing it.  


WHY IS THIS STUDY BEING DONE? The purpose of this study is to understand the performance of various digital personal assistants and to support the development of technology products and services, such as digital personal assistants. The data collected in this study may be used to develop and improve products and services, which could include technologies and algorithms that operate on audio data for speech recognition, audio processing, communication, and immersive multi-media. 


WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I TAKE PART IN THIS RESEARCH STUDY? After reviewing and signing this Consent, a member of the team conducting the Study (“Study Team”) will assist you with performing the Study procedures listed below: 

  • You will be provided with instructions to install an app on your iPhone or iPad device.  

  • You will be asked to interact with the software user interface of the app on the device and read prompts.  

  • The software user interface will capture and log your audio recordings of your voice while you hold conversations over phone call and video conferences. The software interface may permit video calls, but video will not be recorded.  

  • You may be asked to walk, stand, and sit in a chair while the device captures audio recordings of your voice reading prompts, and you may be asked to perform such prompts in various environments (e.g., your home, car, restaurant, etc.).

  • At the end of the recording session, we will ask you questions about the recording experience.

  • You are requested not to provide or include any personal information during your conversations, and Study Organizer will also identify and remove any personal information prior to releasing any recordings to Study Sponsor.   

WHERE WILL THIS STUDY TAKE PLACE? The Study will take place in your home, car, office or other place as directed or approved by Study Organizer.  

HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL PARTICIPATE IN THIS STUDY? This Study will enroll approximately 500 participants. 

HOW LONG WILL MY PARTICPATION IN THIS STUDY TAKE? You will be asked to participate in at least one study session. This session will last approximately 1 hour. 

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN THIS STUDY? Before participating in the Study, you must meet all of the following criteria:  

  • Be 18 years of age or older;

  • Be living in the United States; 

  • You have an iPhone or iPad; 

  • Not participated in a similar study for the previous 2 calendar years. 

There are certain questions you must complete to find out if you meet the requirements to be in the study. If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot take part in the study. If this happens, you can talk to the Study Organizer about other options.
You cannot participate in this Study if: 

  • You reside in the State of Illinois. 

  • You do not meet the native language requirement set by the Study Lead; or 

  • You do not meet all of the requirements listed above. 


If your employment status changes during the course of this Study, your ability to continue participation in this Study may be affected. Please inform the Study Lead if this is the case. 

WHAT DATA WILL BE COLLECTED? As part of this Study, the following information may be collected or accessed as part of the Study (collectively, we call this “Study Data”):  

  • Contact Information: First name, last name, email address and telephone number. This information will be collected during Study recruitment. Your Contact Information will be deleted within one year after the Study ends. This information is not shared with Study Sponsor.

  • Audio: Audio voice recordings and transcripts created from voice recordings of your conversations, beginning when you initiate a recording in the recording software and lasting until that scenario is done. Your Coded audio data will be deleted within 5 years after the date listed on this Consent.

  • Demographic Data: Gender, age range, primary language, accent or dialect (this may include information about where you grew up or your native language), ethnicity. Your Coded Demographic Data may be retained as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Consent.

  • Unique Device Identifier: A unique device identifier of your device will be collected for the facilitation of the Study, which may be retained as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Consent.

  • Feedback Data: Information you provide to the Study Team about your experience throughout the Study, which may be retained as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Consent.

If you contact the Study Team directly via email or otherwise, the information you provide during these interactions may also be retained. 

HOW WILL STUDY DATA RELATED TO ME BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL? Your Study Data will be treated confidentially consistent with this Consent and Study Sponsor internal procedures associated with research studies and applicable internal reporting tools. Your Contact Information will be held confidentially by the Study Team, and access limited to those who need access in order to administer and conduct the Study. Your remaining Study Data will be separated from your Contact Information and assigned a code (we use the word “Code” to describe this data, for example “Coded Study Data”). Coded Study Data will be maintained in a central study database by the Study Team.  

Although Study Data that identifies you will be protected and treated as confidential, total confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. It is possible that members of the Study Team could identify you just from your Coded Study Data (for instance if the Coded Study Data includes photos, video, or audio of you), or there could be unauthorized access to, or security breaches of, the systems used to store your Study Data. There may be other privacy risks that we have not foreseen.  

For more information on how Study Data will be kept secure and confidential, please contact the Study Lead listed above.   

HOW WILL STUDY DATA BE USED, DISCLOSED, & DESTROYED? Study Organizer and / or Study Sponsor will collect, use, store, analyze, disclose, and otherwise process your Study Data, including Coded Study Data, for the following purposes:  


  • To support and carry out the Study. 

  • To verify that the Study is done properly. 

  • To contact you about the Study, as necessary. 

  • To analyze the Coded Study Data and publish aggregated results. 

  • To design or improve future studies. 

  • To combine the Study Data (including Coded Study Data) and any Study results with the study data and results of other related Study Sponsor studies whose purpose is compatible with the purpose of this Study and to use your Study Data (other than Contact Information) for future studies related to this Study.

  • For Study Sponsor’s development, design, approval (including regulatory approval), improvement, production, publication, and/or support of products, technologies, processes, and services, including algorithm development and development of individual authentication algorithms and technologies for these purposes. 

Your Study Data, including your Coded Study Data, may be shared with and collected, used, stored, analyzed, disclosed, and otherwise processed for the purposes stated above by Study Sponsor personnel, external entities with whom Study Sponsor may choose to collaborate (under appropriate contractual obligations), and designated third parties acting on behalf of Study Sponsor (also with appropriate contractual obligations).  

When required by law, legal process, or litigation, Study Data in identifiable form may be provided to third parties such as public, regulatory, or government authorities, including law enforcement. 

The results of this Study may be published or presented but will not include any information that would let others know who you are.  

Study Recruitment. Study Data, including your Contact Information, may be used for selection and recruitment efforts for future Study Sponsor studies. The Study Team may share your Coded Study Data with other Study Sponsor study teams for such recruitment purposes. Even if you are contacted, you may choose not to part take part in such future studies. 

Unrelated Studies. The Study Team may share your Coded Study Data with Study Sponsor study teams conducting unrelated, future Study Sponsor studies provided that the requester notifies you and gets your additional written consent for such use. 

WHAT DATA RIGHTS DO I HAVE?  You may contact the Study Lead at any time to request deletion of your personal information associated with your Study Data. In some circumstances, deletion of your personal information may not be feasible (for instance, if your Coded Study Data has been de-linked from your Contact Information or where applicable law would permit or require us to continue processing certain of your personal information). However, reasonable efforts will be made to delete identifiable data within a reasonable amount of time of your request. You may also withdraw from the Study at any time. To withdraw, refer to the “How Can I Withdraw from this Study” section below. 

If you are a resident of the state of California, the following may apply to you: 

  • If you decide to take part in the Study, you may have the right to request access to personal information collected about you as part of this Study, and the right to request that such personal information be deleted. You may freely exercise these rights without discrimination. 

  • If you request deletion of your information, reasonable efforts will be made to delete identifiable personal information included within your Study Data within a reasonable amount of time. However, we may be permitted or required to retain all or part of your personal information for certain purposes, such as to comply with regulatory requirements. Also, it may not be possible to delete your personal information if your Coded Study Data has been de-linked from your Contact Information. 

  • You can exercise the above rights by contacting the Study Lead. Please note, in some circumstances we may not honor your rights request, as permitted by law. You also have the right to withdraw from this Study at any time.  


WHAT RISKS OR DISCOMFORTS SHOULD I EXPECT FROM BEING IN THIS STUDY? No significant risks or permanent side effects are anticipated with this Study. There may additionally be some unknown and unforeseeable risks. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or side effects, please notify the Study Lead.  


WILL I RECEIVE ANY BENEFITS OR COMPENSATION FOR TAKING PART IN THIS STUDY? You are not expected to experience any direct benefit from participating in this Study other than any compensation to be provided upon Study completion.  


HOW DO I WITHDRAW FROM THIS STUDY? You may withdraw from this Study at any time, for any reason, without penalty by contacting the Study Lead whose contact information is at the top of this Consent. If you withdraw prior to completion, you [may be compensated] or [may be compensated on a pro-rata basis]. 

If you withdraw from the Study, your Contact Information and Study Data will be used and maintained as stated above, unless you request that it be deleted, in which case it will be deleted where feasible or retained where required or permitted by law as stated above in the “What Data Rights Do I Have” section.  

If you withdraw from the Study, or as you complete your involvement with the Study, you should follow Study Team direction to wind-up your involvement in the Study. This may involve you returning Study hardware to the Study Team and/or deleting Study apps or other materials. 

WHO CAN ANSWER MY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE STUDY? If a Study-related problem should occur, or if you have any questions about the Study at any time, please contact the Study Team point of contact at:

YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY OBLIGATIONS. If you agree to participate in this Study, you must also agree to not disclose any information from or about this Study with anyone outside of the Study Team, without first obtaining approval from the Study Lead. 

What is considered confidential? The fact that the company is the study organizer and sponsor conducting this Study, the types and methods of data collection, and any other detail about the Study or how it is conducted are confidential. Any information that you learn about this Study, including technical information and any other information identified as non-public information is considered confidential and proprietary information that belongs to the company and must not be disclosed by you.  

Who needs to know? Do not assume that anyone knows information about this Study. Do not talk to anyone about this Study unless you are authorized to do so by the Study Lead.  

No disclosures, photos, videos or social media. It is of utmost importance that no confidential information be communicated to anyone outside of the Study Team, including friends, family members, and professional colleagues. You will not be permitted to take any photographs or videotape anything related to this Study.  

Failure to maintain the confidentiality of information may seriously harm this Study. If you become aware of any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, please report it to Study Team immediately.  

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please discuss with the Study Team. 

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