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COVID   Entry   Advisory   and   Declaration 

(sample document)

1.     RISKS   OF   EXPOSURE:   The   Coronavirus   (COVID-19)   pandemic  i s   a   worldwide   risk   to   human   health.   COVID-19  i s   highly   contagious.   While   people   of   all ages   are   at   risk   of   catching   COVID-19,   persons   with   compromised  i mmune   systems   and   older   persons   may   be   at   particular   risk.

2.     GOVERNMENT   ORDERS:   In   order   to   reduce   the   spread   of   COVID-19,   elected   representatives   and   health   officials   from   the   State   of   California,   as   well as   many   California   cities   and   counties   have  i ssued   “Stay   Home”   Orders   and   other   mandates   and   recommendations   (collectively,   “COVID-19   Directives”), limiting   activities   that   can   be   engaged  i n   by   businesses   and   members   of   the   public.   Some   city   and   county   orders   are   more   restrictive   than,   and   may   take precedence   over,   Federal   and   State   guidelines.

3.     VISITOR   ADVISORY:   Visitors   are   advised   that  i f   you   engage  i n   any   activities  i n   violation   of   any   COVID-19   Directives,   you   are   acting   against   the   advice of   DawnLight.   DawnLight   and   agents   will   comply   with   COVID-19   Directives,   notwithstanding   any   Party's  i nstructions.   Nothing   contained  i n   this   form   shall   be construed   to   allow   an   activity   that  i s   otherwise   prohibited   by   any  l aw.   You   are   required   to   take   all   reasonable   steps   necessary   to   protect   yourself   and   others.

4.     PURPOSE   OF   ENTRY:   The   purpose   of   the   entry  i s   for   data   collection   efforts   performed   by   DawnLight.

5.     PROPERTY   ENTRANT   RULES:   Whether   the   person   signing   below  i s   a   DawnLight   employee,   or   third   party,    Signer  i s   voluntarily   entering   the   Property. Signer   agrees   to   take   all   reasonable   and   necessary   precautions   to   protect   Signer   and   others   from   the   spread   of   COVID-19,  i ncluding,   but   not  l imited   to,   the following   (“Posted   Rules   of   Entry”):

A.     Following   all   Federal,   State,   and  l ocal  l aws   and   Stay   at   Home   Orders,   even   though   they   may   be   changing   rapidly;

B.     Exercising   care   to   protect   yourself,   and   assessing   your   own   risks,   by   considering   your   age,   underlying   health   conditions,   recent   travel,   possible exposure   to   COVID-19,   doctor's   recommendations,   and  l ocal,   State   and   Federal   recommendations.   You   agree   and   understand   that  i t  i s   your   responsibility to   evaluate   the   risks   and   protect   yourself;

C.     Washing   your   hands   with   soap   and   water   or   using   hand   sanitizer,  i mmediately   upon   entry.   Remember   to   not   touch   your   eyes,   nose   or   mouth;

D.     Wearing   a   protective   face   covering;

E.     Practicing   social   distancing   by   keeping   at  l east   6   feet   between   yourself   and   others.   Do   not   gather  i n   groups;

F.     Avoiding   touching   surfaces  i f   possible.   If   you   believe  i t   necessary   to   touch   surfaces   or  i tems  i n   the   Property,   consider   the   risks   of   doing   so;   and


A.     Signer   acknowledges   that   although   others   have   been   advised   to   clean   and   disinfect   the   space   before   and   after   each   person,   there  i s   no   guarantee   that the   cleaning   removed   any   or   all  i nstances   of   the   COVID-19   virus   that   may   have   been   present;

B.     Signer   can   obtain   online  i nformation   about   COVID-19   Directives   from   the   California   Departments   of   Public   Health   (CDPH)   and   Industrial   Relations

(Cal/OSHA)   at   the   following  l ocations:   (i);   (ii)   https://;   and



A.     You   understand   that   accessing   our   property   for   any   of   the   purposes   above   (i)   may   be   dangerous   or   unsafe   and   (ii)   could   expose   you   or   others   to COVID-19.   You   are   voluntarily   accessing   the   property;

B.     To   the   best   of   your   knowledge,   you   are   not   currently   afflicted   with   COVID-19;

C.     To   the   best   of   your   knowledge,   you   have   not   knowingly,   within   the  l ast   14   days,   been  i n   contact   with   someone   afflicted   with,   COVID-19;

D.     You   are   not   experiencing   a   fever,   or   signs   of   respiratory  i llness   such   as   cough,   shortness   of   breath   or   difficulty   breathing,   or   other   COVID-19   symptoms;

E.     You   understand   that   persons   may   be   afflicted   with   COVID-19   and:   (i)   not   exhibit   symptoms,   (ii)   not   be   aware   that   they   are   afflicted   or   (iii)   may   not voluntarily   agree   to   disclose   their   condition.

F.     You   will  i nform   DawnLight  i f,   after   the   date   this   document  i s   signed,   there  i s   a   change  i n   your   health   condition   or   knowledge   that   potentially   puts   others   at risk   or  i nvalidates   the   representations   made  i n   this   document.

8. AGREEMENT,   DECLARATION   AND   ASSUMPTION   OF   RISK:   By   signing   below,   you   are   declaring   the   foregoing  i s   true,   that   you   agree   to   take   all recommended   and   reasonable   actions   to   protect   yourself   and   others   from   exposure   to   COVID-19,   and   that   you   ASSUME   THE   RISK,   of   entering   the Property.   You   understand   and   agree   that   no   one,  i ncluding   but   not   DawnLight   Employees,   can   guarantee   that   you   will   not   be   exposed   to   or   contract COVID-19.

By   signing   below,   you,   the   Signer,   acknowledge   that   you   have   read,   understand,   voluntarily   agree   to   the   foregoing   and   will   adhere   to   the   Posted  Rules   For   Entry.   


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