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Hospital Actor Video Data Collection Project

Location:  Palo Alto, CA near Stanford University

Dates:  April 15 - 26

Pay for completion:  $100


Pay is in cash upon completion.  E-Pay options also available.  *See below for further details.

Time necessary for completion:  Approximately minutes, including check-in and payment


Project description:  Forty actors are needed to play the role of a "patient" in a project collecting video data that will be used in the improvement of patient monitoring systems in medical facilities.​

Seeking a variety of height, weight, age, and skin tones to optimize the data collected.  

Right now we especially need actors who are very tall (71" for men and 65" for women) and actors with an 18.5 or lower BMI.

Most of the actions will be lying restlessly in bed, walking around room, etc.  However, it is important to capture footage of patients needing assistance.  


Accordingly, actors must be able to safely execute a simulated "fall / collapse" from seated and standing positions onto a cushioned fall pad. 

COVID-19 safety protocols strictly observed; actors and all on-site staff will be masked; facilities are sanitized, bedding is changed, and there is always at least a one-hour gap between participants.

Data Use:  Submissions are for technological research only and will not be publicly displayed


  • Must be an adult (18+)

  • Must have some type of acting experience (performance, on-stage, camera, etc.)

  • Gymnastics, martial arts, or stunt experience is helpful

  • Must sign COVID Entry Advisory and Declaration (see sample here)

  • *All actors must be paid as employees and must be eligible to work in California.  Pay will be issued in cash on site. (ePay options available.)  Pay rate will be $50 / hour plus a producer's transportation stipend; the total on-site in-cash payout will be $100.


If you would like to be participate in the project, please complete the form below.  


Please note that we are only casting 40 actors, and we have extremely tight quotas for age, height/weight, and skin tone.  So some quotas may be quickly filled.  Apply today!

Application Form

Demographic Data

It is critical that this data is as accurate as possible.  Our client has strict requirements to capture a wide range of ages, height/weight, and skin tones; we will not hire actors who misrepresent demographic information.

Fitzpatrick Skin Phototypes

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Before continuing, you must read and accept the Informed Consent and Release form.

Please read it here.

By signing below and sending my information to SuperSight Media, I affirm that I have read the Informed Consent and Release form and that I understand all of its terms.  I also understand I can request a copy of the Informed Consent and Release form by sending an email to hospital@supersightmedia.com.