This project closed 12/30/2020

SuperSight has the following projects still open:

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Selfie Video iPhone Camera Research Project

- $40 per approved submission

- Must have iPhone 7 or later model

- Must be 18+ and live in Canada, U.S., Mexico, or Brazil

Child Activity Action / Smartphone Camera Research Project

- $15 per activity, total pay up to $120 per approved submission

- Most activities are for kids 1 - 3 years old, some are for older kids up to 12 years old

- Must live in U.S.

- Children must be Hispanic / Latino / Spanish origin of any race

Proyecto de teléfono Android - español

- $20 per approved submission

- Must be native Spanish speaker

- Must be 18+ live in U.S.


Voice Assistant Technology for People Who Stutter

- $80 per approved submission

- Must be 18+ and live in U.S.

- Must be a person with mild to moderate dysphemia / stuttering