Image and Age Progression Technology

Research Project

Data must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST

Sunday 11/29/2020 

Project PurposeTo develop and improve image products, services, and technologies.

Specific goal: to improve age progression software, such as that used to locate missing children.

Participants in this project will submit childhood photographs of one person ("the Subject") who was born between 1990 and 2010. 

Pay for Completion:  Now paying $60 per approved submission

($10 referral bonuses also available for each successful participant referred.)

Time NeededApproximately 30 - 45 minutes


Eligibility RequirementsThere are two categories of participants who can submit videos for this project:


1) The Subject themselvesif they are at least 18 years old and no older than 30. (In this case, the Subject must have been born no earlier than 1990.)

2) The adult parent / guardian of the Subject, if the subject is at least 10 years old and not older than 18.  (In this case, the Subject must have been born no later than 2010.)

Each Subject may be submitted only once.

Parents with more than one eligible child may submit each child separately for additional payment.


If a Parent is also eligible as a Subject, they may submit themselves separately for additional payment.


How the Project Runs

Step 1:  Organize your photos (we will provide instructions)

Step 2:  Download the project's smartphone app (iOS or Android)


Step 3:  Using the smartphone app, you will upload one 30-second "selfie video" of the Subject 


Step 4:  Finally, you will upload at least 25 photos of the Subject, aged 0 - 10 years old.  At least 25 must be accepted by the client, so we recommend uploading at least 5 - 15 more. (40 is the maximum.)


You may use your phone to take photos of printed/developed photos or photos on a computer screen, as long as the face of the subject is clear.  

Step 5:  Submit the photos.  Payment will be processed as soon as the client reviews and accepts your data, which is currently taking just 2 - 3 days. Don't forget about the $10 referrals!  Payment options are PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or mailed check.  (Other options may also be available.) 

If you would like to participate, please fill out the application form below and review / accept the Informed Consent and Release Form.  We will review your contact info and email you the instructions to begin the project. 

Application Form
Who will be the Subject in the photos you're uploading?
What is the Subject's gender?
Please select the Subject's race/ethnicity (you may enter more than one)
Did someone refer you to this project?

Before continuing you must read and acknowledge the Informed Consent and Release Form

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read this consent carefully, that you understand and agree to all of its terms.


You understand that you may ask for a copy of this Informed Consent and Release Agreement by emailing

Please sign your name in the signature block below.

(The signature and name must be that of the Subject, or in the case of a Subject under 18, the name of the parent or legal guardian of the Subject.)