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Detailed Instructions

Selfie Video - iPhone Camera Research Project

Please watch the short video below for an intro to the project and tips for success.

Detailed written instructions are below.

While watching the video, please note that as of 2/18/2021, the "Afternoon" videos are no longer available for submission.  Participants may now submit up to three videos, instead of four.












Detailed Instructions

Please read the entirety of these instructions to ensure your videos are accepted.


You will film 3 selfie video in that simulate a FaceTime conversation.

Video must be filmed using your iPhone's camera function, and must be filmed in HD 1080p 30 fps only (instructions below)

You must be talking during the videos, but you can say whatever you want.  You can have a pretend conversation or you can just count to 100.

Each video will be 1.5 – 2 minutes long and will be filmed in different environments (indoors, outdoors) and at a different time of the day (morning, evening, and night).

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 – Download the Appen Mobile Recorder App for iOS at the Apple Store



2 – Open the app

Bypass the first screen by clicking “Have a PIN? Login here.”

3 – Enter the login information

  • Email:  Enter anything in email format (

  • Project Number – You’ll enter a different project number for each time of day.  So you can get started on the project number that corresponds to the time of day you are starting the project.

Morning:     5855

- Evening:     5857

- Night:         5858

  • PIN:  Enter your unique PIN. (Your PIN is case-sensitive, so enter it exactly as written.)

4 – Read and follow the instructions in the app

IMPORTANT:  All videos will be filmed with the front-facing camera.  (So you will be looking at yourself on the screen as you film.)  If the app tells you to film with the rear-facing camera or to switch between front-facing and rear-facing camera, you may disregard that instruction.   


Film in front-facing mode only.


The app will tell you exactly how to hold your phone (portrait or landscape), whether to film indoors or outdoors, and what lighting conditions to use (for example outdoors in the sun/shade or indoors by a window).  


If you don’t follow the instructions in the app regarding portrait/landscape, environment, and lighting, your video will not be accepted.

Additionally, the client would like some variation of the angles on your face.  Film at least one video straight on.

And the others can be filmed from slightly above you, 3/4 view, side view, etc.  Or you can vary the angles during your video.


You must switch over to your iPhone’s camera record your video.

6 –  Check your video settings 


Film in High Definition (HD) 1080p 30 fps.


Video filmed in Standard Definition (SD) 720p or 4K (UHD) will not be accepted


To check your settings: 

  • Go into your iPhone settings

  • Scroll down and Select Camera

  • Select Record Video

  • Select “1080p HD at 30 fps”

This link may be helpful if you’re having trouble

7 –  Film your video

Film your video according to the instructions given in the app.  


Nobody else's face should appear in the video other than yours.


You must have sound in the video.  You can give have a conversation with someone off screen, you can sing, or you can just recite the ABCs.


Do not allow any personal information, such as a readable address or name, to appear in the videos.

Please vary the angles you use on your face.


8 –  Submit your video


After you have filmed your video and checked it, you can then switch back to the AMR app, select the camera icon, and then select Upload Video.  


Leave the AMR app running on your phone until you get a confirmation screen telling you the video was successfully loaded.  It’s best if you have a good WiFi connection for the upload.  You can minimize the app and go about your day.  A two-minute HD video will typically take five minutes or less to load.  


If for some reason you do not get a confirmation screen, but the app has been open for at least 30 minutes, your video likely uploaded successfully.  Please do not delete the video from your phone, however, until we confirm with you that your video was uploaded.  This would allow you to quickly re-upload if necessary in the future.    




For troubleshooting with the app, please click here


- SuperSight Media Staff

San Diego, CA 

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