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Dual Conversations Project (iOS only)

Project Purpose: To improve the development of products and services that operate on audio data for iOS devices.

A friend or family member has referred you to this project.


Please read below for details.  

Pay for completion:  $70 per participant (that is, $70 for you and $70 for conversation partner)

Time necessary for completion:  Approximately one hour.

Data Use:  Submissions are for technological research only. They are completely anonymous and will not be broadcast publicly at any time.  

Client Company:  Appen (www.appen.com


  • Must be adult 18+

  • Must be located in the United States (data from outside  the U.S. will be auto-rejected.)


How does the project work?  

  • You and your partner will provide the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) for your iOS Devices

  • Your UDIDs will be whitelisted to allow you to download and install the "Talkie" app 

  • You will interact with the app and have a series of conversations with your partner, for a total of one hour of recorded audio data

  • You submit your data

  • The data is checked by our client's quality assurance team

  • When your data is approved we will pay you electronically or by paper check (your choice)


To participate, please complete the form below.  


We will then contact you with instructions for getting the project started.  

Application Form

**For this project you will need to provide your iPhone's UDID and phone name. For instructions on how to retrieve your UDID and iPhone Name click on link below.


Before continuing, you must read and accept the Informed Consent and Release form.

Please read it here.

I agree to sign electronically.  By signing below and sending my information to SuperSight Media, I affirm that I have read the Informed Consent and Release form for the Dual Conversation Project carefully, that I understand all of its terms, and that I enter into this study voluntarily.  I am entering into a valid, binding agreement as the participant named in this Consent.  I understand that I can withdraw at any time. I also understand I can request a copy of the Informed Consent and Release form by sending an email to projects@supersightmedia.com.

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