Smartphone Camera

Activity / Action Project

We need videos filmed by this week!

Project Purpose:  To develop and improve products and services that operate using image and video data.  (Example: smartphone camera focusing, color, contrast, etc.)

All videos are anonymous, confidential, and not for public use.  They are for research purposes only.  

Participants (children between ages 1 and 4) will be asked to perform a particular action, such as throwing an object, playing on a slide, or jumping, while the parent films with a smartphone camera.

Videos are very short (about 15 seconds each). 

Participants:  Participants must be of the following racial / ethnic background:

Hispanic or Latino/Latinx or Spanish Origin

The study is almost complete.  The following are the age divisions are still open for videos

Young Toddler (12 - 36 months)

Older Toddler (36 - 48 months)

Pay for Completion:  Payment is $20 per activity


Participants may do from 2 - 6 activities, depending on which activities we still need to fill.  Each activity consists of three short videos.

Parents may have more than one child as a participant.

Collection Method: Videos will be filmed and submitted using our our client's smartphone app (iOS or Android).  You will film them on your own in and around your home or neighborhood.

Our client does not receive your name, just your PIN number and demographic information.  

If your family would like to participate, please fill out the application form below.

Application Form
Are your potential video participants (your children) Hispanic or Latino/Latinx or Spanish Origin of any race?

Please indicate which gender, ages, and activities your family could contribute

Young Toddler (ages 12 - 24 months)

Young Toddler Activities (select all that you can film)

Older Toddler (ages 24 months - 3 years)

Older Toddler Activities (select all that you can film)