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Text Message Conversations Project

(iOS or Android)

Project Purpose: We are collecting real-life text messages from natural English conversation threads to improve messaging apps on iOS and Android devices. 

How does it work?: In this project you can submit single SMS conversations between you and up to 50 separate people.  Each conversation will consist of at least 50 (total) texts between you and the other person.

Pay for completion:  $8 per conversation, for a grand total of up to $400.  


Note: your conversation partners must provide their consent for us to use their text messages.  They will not be paid for the conversations you submit.  However, they are free to join the project and submit their own conversations with other people.

Time necessary for completion:  Approximately 5 minutes per conversation upload.

Data Use:  Submissions are for technological research only. They are completely anonymous and will not be broadcast publicly at any time.  

Client Company:  Appen (www.appen.com


  • All participants must be adults, 18+

  • All text messages must be in English

  • Participant and all conversation partners must have been located in the United States when the conversation was conducted (data from outside  the U.S. will be auto-rejected.)

  • Texts must be either SMS or iMessage only


How does the project work?  

  • Sign up for the project below

  • We will provide you with instructions on how to access your text messages

  • You select conversations that meet the criteria above

  • We provide you an online web tool to upload the conversations

  • We email a link to you and your conversation partners to consent to the use of your data for research

  • Your data is then checked by our client to ensure you meet the criteria for length and content

  • We will pay you $8 for each conversation that is fully approved by our client, up to a total of $400

  • Payments are via PayPal or mailed check.


If you would like to participate, please complete the form below.  Once accepted, contact you with instructions for getting the project started.  

Application Form
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