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Selfie Video - iPhone Camera Research Project

Some people have trouble with the Appen Mobile Recorder App.

Most issues are resolved by:

- Connecting to a good Wi-Fi signal

- Allowing the app to continue uploading in the background

If your app seems "buggy" or keeps shutting down...

As with other problems you may have had with other apps, the following solutions sometimes work:
- Shut app down and restart
- Shut off phone and restart
- Re-install app
- Ensure your phone has the latest iOS install 

If none of the above are working for you, our company can likely upload your videos for you.  

We use a private Google Drive folder for this process and then we will upload your photos and selfie video for you.

If you would like to try this process, please email us at and tell us you have app trouble, and we'll contact you with alternate instructions.


- SuperSight Media Staff
San Diego, CA 

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